~~Rawhide Ranch, Rawhide Buttes, 1908

The Rawhide Ranch, the R Bar T or the "Damfino", was owned by Russell Thorp.

There he had facilities to service the stage line.

In addition to barns, a store, stage station and other amenities were offered. Some of the barns are still in existence.

Mother "Feather Legs" Shephard 

~~Featherlegs Shepard Monument,

Silver Springs Road, 15 miles south of Lusk

~~America, Why I Love Her" was inspired by family road trips from the artist's childhood. While traveling around the United States, Gary Sweeney was struck by the beauty and grandeur of the land, as well as the truly bizarre monuments and roadside attractions that dot the American landscape. "America, Why I Love Her"

is an attempt to pay homage to family vacations in general, and to tourist spots in particular.

The Mother Featherlegs monument is featured as the attraction for the state of Wyoming.

~~Russle Thorp unveiling the monument